STEP IT Institute | We have been teaching since 1999. High-quality IT-education for adults and children. We prepare programmers, designers and system engineers who cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. In order to achieve this, we teach how to understand tasks, run projects and work in a team, in addition to core knowledge.

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Why choose us

Step IT Institute has been a leader in the field of IT education since 1999. We are the largest international company with hundreds of thousands of alumni around the world. We specialize in IT education for adults and children.

In the classroom, we focus on practice. The program is aligned with the IT industry and is constantly updated, so we are confident that we provide the most relevant and in-demand knowledge that will allow our graduates to become part of the world's best IT companies.

What is the secret of success

We are often asked how we managed to become a market leader in different countries such as: Brazil, Mexico, America, Cambodia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Ukraine.

There is really no secret. We firmly know what is needed in the industry. We are confident that high-quality computer education is based on 3 pillars: professional teachers, a modern curriculum and well-thought-out infrastructure.

Higher IT education

IT STEP University - is the first licensed higher IT education in Ukraine. Our students are trained in the following areas: programming, graphic design, networking and cybersecurity.

We focus on practice. Students from the first weeks of training are already working on real practical cases. We invite partners from the IT industry to aid and advise the startups of our students.

Starting from the second year, under the “Dual education” program, our students can simultaneously study and practice in leading international IT companies: Epam, Eleks, Softserve, Nix Solutions, Sigma. The best of them will stay there to work.


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students are educated with us

School education

IT STEP School - This is the school of the future now. In our schools, we focus on the integration of IT technologies into the educational process and on in-depth study of foreign languages. Traditional subjects alternate with classes in web design, programming, development of soft-skills and learning the basics of business. Classes are held in comfortable, computerized classrooms, video studios and laboratories.

Our students have no problems with homework and preparation for DPA and ZNO. The learning process is structured in such a way as to consolidate new knowledge and get prepared for exams as part of studying at school, without additional work with tutors. We make sure that the child has free time for hobbies and communication with parents.

An individual approach to the learning process, professional teachers who love children and are ready to support their ideas make the learning process as effective as possible.


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students are educated with us

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Online school

Unicorn World Virtual School - is a distance school, which was also developed by STEP Academy specialists.

The main difference between Unicorn School and many other online schools is its innovative approach and gamification. We involve children in learning by inviting them to play. Any lesson takes place in the form of a computer game with characters and interesting tasks. Instead of a control - a quest. And instead of ratings, new superpowers for the game character. What child refuses to play?

As the results of Unicorn School students show, in such a “playful” format, children learn the material much faster and easier.


Unicorn School Statistics


Unicorn School Statistics

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Our achievements

Our students take 1st place in international IT competitions and championships

Our students won the most prestigious international IT championship - the Microsoft Imagine Cup (Sydney, Australia), which was attended by about 400,000 people from 106 countries. They took first places in the competition from Autodesk (nomination "Junior Master"), at the V and VI Cisco Olympiads.

Organization of the international IT championship "Golden Byte"

In 2017, the IT Step Computer Academy organized the international IT championship "Golden Byte" with a prize fund of UAH 3,000,000. The main goals of the championship are to encourage young professionals to develop innovations and business ideas, to reveal the potential of Ukraine in the field of IT in the international arena.

Our branch in Cambodia received an award in the field of IT education development

STEP Academy Cambodia received a prestigious international award in the EQUALS in TECH Award 2020 for organizing and successfully developing the first women's programming club in Cambodia.

Step IT Institute entered the top five projects according to the UN

The Junior Computer Academy program was included in the top five human development projects in the world according to UNESCO and ITU (International Telecommunication Union from the United Nations).

Our partners

Branches of STEP IT Institute are authorized training centers of Microsoft, Cisco and Autodesk companies, leaders in the IT industry. Courses are taught by certified teachers. Students can earn Microsoft, Cisco, and Autodesk certifications during their course.

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